PSH Therapy


PSH Therapy (Private Subconscious Healing)  is an advanced, specialised hypnotherapy-based modality which aims to resolve symptoms and difficulties that have an underlying subconscious emotional cause.  PSH is becoming increasingly popular and is the service most frequently requested by Justine’s  clients.

PSH is designed specifically to communicate and work in harmony with the subconscious mind.  It aims to get to the core of issues and resolve subconscious emotional blocks/patterns which can be the underlying root causes of symptoms.

PSH is non-intrusive.  Various theories suggest that the inner mind is a very private part where we store our most sensitive information and feelings in order to protect ourselves.  PSH respects this, and therefore therapy does not involve invasive questioning but assists the inner mind to make the necessary changes at a deep, private level.  PSH is not a technique which seeks to recover so-called repressed memories nor does it call upon clients to relive traumatic experiences.  As a consequence, PSH is steadily gaining in popularity as a gentle and useful alternative to other forms of therapy which rely on the time-consuming and often painful probing of personal history.

Each client’s experience is an individual and subjective one, but there is some common ground. The client is always in control and will usually experience some degree of mental or physical relaxation similar to daydreaming or meditation.  The client does not speak or reveal information whilst in this relaxed state.

PSH can be used effectively with a wide range of issues.   It is particularly helpful when the client has feelings and behaviours that they have not been able to change through conscious effort i.e. despite repeated efforts to make changes, the thoughts/feelings/behaviour persist.  Trying to deal with these difficulties on a merely surface conscious ‘left brain’ level can be an exercise in frustration and often can do little to remove the deeper emotional causes. Therefore symptoms tend to re-emerge despite our best intentions and efforts.

PSH is also useful when a client has a good, intellectual understanding of their issues (perhaps gained through talk therapy) but feels there are deeper unresolved aspects that have not been addressed.  If this sounds like you – PSH could be a good therapeutic option.

PSH can be beneficial in times of transition, as it assists with the process of ‘moving on’ and letting go of emotional baggage.  It builds self-confidence and encourages more positive responses to life situations.

Another use for PSH is to move stale energy from the body and detox old emotions.  Over time the body can accumulate stress and emotions such as anger and fear.  This buildup can lead to experiences of ‘feeling stuck’ or dis-ease in the body.  PSH can facilitate the gentle release of stuck energy and old emotions.

Past clients have reported significant positive change both singly and in combination of the following symptoms:

Compulsive behaviour e.g. binge-eating, spending

Anxiety, uncomfortable dreams, fears, performance & creative blocks

Symptoms that will not shift, despite genuine efforts and therapy (sometimes years of therapy!)

Emotional Pain from the past, which has not healed

Inappropriate emotional responses & over-reactions

Low self-esteem, lack of confidence, jealousy, extreme shyness, anger, inappropriate grief period

Stress related physical conditions often labelled as ‘psychosomatic’

and much more…….

A course of PSH Therapy is between three to five sessions.  The average number is four.  What is important to emphasise is that PSH is the start and not the finish of an internal process, and many clients will continue to experience inner change well after the face-to-face sessions are completed.  This integration process varies from client to client: for some it can be quick and for others it can be more subtle and gradual, so it is important to be patient and let your inner healing occur at its own pace.  Keep in mind that the overall goal and emphasis of PSH is on making peace with yourself and your body, achieving a better understanding of yourself, as well as gaining a positive outlook for the future.

If you wish to experience a gentle, non-intrusive process to resolve and release old emotional blocks then contact me today and get started.