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*”Thank you so much for your help.  Every day I notice myself making better choices in my eating habits and I know this is because of my sessions with you.  I feel positive and confident that your sessions have put me on a path of healthy weight loss and a much healthier and happier life.  No more fad diets for me.  Many Thanks.”  Linda, 43

*”The PSH hypnotherapy was very different to other therapies I’ve tried, and it really worked for me.  I enjoyed the sessions, and the whole process was peaceful and healing.  More people should know about PSH – its a fantastic therapy and your personal style is really calming and reassuring.  Many thanks!” Lisa, 44

*”Hi Justine, I just want to say thank you!   The therapy was a great turning point for me.  I feel calmer and happier and am confident about the future for the first time in ages. Also, my sleep is much improved.   I can’t thank you enough.”  Cathy, 33

*”Three months down the track from the sessions and am still noticing more changes …. my thinking is definitely more positive and I’m much less nervous  and am taking on challenges at work that I would have been too scared to before”  Len, 29

*”Since the sessions with you I’ve lost 6 kilos and am keeping it off.  I love my life now – I feel like a different person!!!  Before I used to hate myself and how I looked – now I’ve got good self-esteem and take care of myself.  I’ve got heaps more energy too.  Thanks Justine, your therapy works, and I’ve recommended you to heaps of people.” Anne, 34

*”It’s been exactly a year today since I did the quit smoking session and I  haven’t smoked since and haven’t even wanted to and I feel 100% better.  Thanks Justine.”  Mick, 35

*”The session on Values was a real eye-opener.  I realised how much I was neglecting my deeper needs and that my life was opposite to what I really wanted.  I’m still stunned by the realisation – thank you Justine – this has been a significant insight and my life will be different  from now on.”  Jennifer, 51

*”I still get stressed but not half as much as before – I use the mindfulness techniques and they help me deal with all the crap at work.  I don’t get as tired and I also feel more confident in my abilities and am looking for a new job.   Thanks – it’s been good and I appreciate your help.” John, 31