Achieving a healthy weight

An increasing number of people are using Hypnotherapy to reduce excess weight and maintain their long term wellbeing. It’s enjoyable, relaxing, and has a high success rate.  Depending on your individual needs, sessions can focus on one or more of the following aspects:

  • release subconscious factors which may have sabotaged efforts in the past
  • clear any negative beliefs that are impacting on your perceived ability to be healthy and achieve your ideal body weight
  • address emotional issues which lead to compulsive overeating
  • set realistic expectations
  • increase confidence, self-esteem, and motivation to succeed
  • feel more positively about yourself and your body
  • learn how to deal with frustrations without turning to food
  • learn strategies for managing urges and cravings
  • change unhelpful thinking patterns
  • reinforce new attitudes and behaviours

Justine does not provide advice on diet/nutrition and exercise regimens as this is not her area of expertise.  The vast majority of her clients are already extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, diets, and exercise programs.  The problem is, despite knowing what they can do to improve their health – they don’t do it!  Or, they change their habits for a while and then default back into unhealthy patterns.  Understandably, this can lead to frustration, a sense of inadequacy and failure, and lowered self-esteem.  Sadly it can also lead to resentment towards others who have succeeded in their wellbeing goals and are taking good care of themselves.  These negative emotions can further fuel the cycle of overeating and using food to ‘self-medicate’.

Justine aims to assist clients strengthen their sense of self-empowerment, motivation to succeed, let go of internal obstacles, create new behaviours and follow through on their intentions.  However, hypnosis is not ‘magic’ and clients still need to be committed to making changes and exercising good judgement in their choices.

If you have any queries and/or are wondering whether hypnotherapy can help you, please contact Justine and she will be happy to provide more information.